Sunday, 1 January 2012

First Spin of 2012

I didn't go far tonight, but I hoped a quick spin would help to start the New Year in the right way. As I mentioned in my last Blog, I am going to work hard on fitness and weight loss this year. I made a resolution to not Drink and so far so good! (although the champagne at midnight did last until about 1 o'clock. Does that count?)
I received a great text from the team coach last night too, which has helped to strengthen my resolve to keep motivated and train hard this year.
Last night I agreed to sign up for the Liverpool Chester charity ride (for the 4th year in a row) but this year I have promised my wife and friends that I will complete the 50 mile loop on my mountain bike, and not on my "Easy Bike" I cant wait!! I did promise to do the same thing last year but peer pressure from the team helped me to change my registration to the 100 mile challenge route! This year, I challenge the Team to join me on mountain bikes!!!

Tonight's ride details:

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