Saturday, 21 January 2012

Puncture and a Pug Vita Club ride!

The aim today was to do a loop round the top of Wirral, then cross back to Ness Gardens for a brew. But, as always things didn't quite go to plan!

Leaving the house to head up to Paul's with Dave, it didn't take long to realise the wind was not going to be our friend today. It wasn't unexpected, but you know your in for a slog at times when it is gusting at 50+kph!!

It didn't take long for everyone to arrive at the shop, and once everyone was there, we discussed an earlier start time of 9am in future. Everyone was in agreement, as it means we can get a few extra miles in and still be back for our domestic duties!!!

I wore my new Giro Aeon today, well I think I wore it! It is so light and fits fantastically. It is well worth the money, and I'm sure it added at least 1mph to my acceleration!! Go and see the lads in the shop if you are considering getting a new helmet,they have a great range, and if they haven't got what you want in stock, they can normally get it in for the next day. I now have to decide on shoes. The ones I had decided on are no longer available!!! So its back to searching for "The ones"!!

There were 10 of us today, and we headed out towards West Kirby, battling with a strong side wind over Thurstaston and down towards Caldy. Once in Hoylake the wind was behind us and and helped us along to Wallasey. We rode along the front to New Brighton and this was where Phil had a puncture. We stopped in a shelter, as the wind was quite strong now, whipping up the sea/river which was breaking over the sea wall.

Thank goodness the Victorians liked shelters by the sea!
Once Phil had fixed his puncture we set off again, for 10 yards, and Bang, he punctured again. On closer inspection the side wall of his tyre had ripped. Luckily he had a tyre patch, so once he had fixed this and put in another tube, we set off again (another pair of Vittoria Paves will be on the Wirral Tarmac soon.)
We agreed that as the time was getting on, we would forfeit the cafe stop in Ness, and just go back to the shop, and go to the Cafe next to it!!!!

Whilst we were motoring along the prom towards the Seacombe ferry terminal, sheltered from the wind, we encountered the cyclists worst enemy! A dog on the loose who likes chasing tyres! Please don't think in am not an animal lover, but this could have been nasty. The front lads missed it, but it then ran into the pack and almost took Owen out, he was quick enough to get his foot out of the pedal and stop, just in time for the Pug to run between his leg and the frame. If you are along the Prom in the future please look out for this dog!

Wanted for Crimes towards cyclists!
The advantage of riding along the prom is that you get a great view of the world famous Liverpool waterfront skyline. I may take a better camera one day as the iPhone camera doesn't do it justice.

 Once back on the road we headed back towards Irby, into a headwind all the way. Certainly a character building ride!!!
A big thanks to the staff and customers of the Cafe next to Vita Cycles, who made space for 10 weary riders, and coped with our intrusion!!

I mentioned to the group that I was planning to ride through the tunnel on Sunday morning to remind myself what I have let myself in for, and there are now possibly 5 of us heading to Birkenhead. We are leaving the 12th Man in Greasby at 6.45am. Once we have ridden the tunnel, I am heading over to Eureka Cafe to meet some Twitter friends, The Queen of all things Cafe and Cake @patisseriecyc and one of the best sportive organisers @polocini, as always anyone is welcome to join and share turns at the front into the wind!!!

Today's ride details:

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