Saturday, 14 January 2012

Vita Cycle Club ride 14/1/12

Today was the first proper club and team ride out from the shop. It took all my will power to wheel the bike out of the shed though, as it was a little chilly!

Dave from round the corner arrived so I couldn't wimp out and spoil his first club ride with us, so we headed off to Paul's and up over the hill to Irby to the shop. I had to stop on the way and snap a photo as it was turning into one of those magical winters mornings.

When we got to the shop I realised how cold it was. when I put the Garmin on the bike as I left it was registering a toasty 15 degrees, but as we arrived at the shop, 15 mins and 3 miles later it was reading just above freezing!!

22 lads turned out in the near freezing conditions. We agreed to ride together as one group and when/if the team wanted to go further/ faster they would split from us. We headed out towards West Kirby via Caldy and a couple of climbs, then round the coast to Bidston hill, then through to the Lever Causeway and into the lanes.
Along the way a couple of the lads dropped off to get to the Match, or other domestic duties.
 When we reached Brimstage the Team split off (9 of them I think?) and 6 of us continued on the Club ride.
We decided not to go the Eureka today but keep going looping through Willaston, to Burton and into Neston, and not missing out the climbs that the Coach normally takes us on.  It doesn't mean we will not be riding hard just because we are not in the team!
We all got back to the shop together, and even though the pace was a little slower than previous Saturday rides, which wasn't that surprising seeing as some of the roads were still a bit icy, I still feel as if I have had a good workout and got some more winter miles in the bank!

Today's ride details:

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