Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Kebel is back on the road (Vita club ride)

It has been a long frustrating week. I cleaned the bike after last Sundays ride out to Eureka Cafe and prepared it for another weeks riding. Paul and I decided to do a speed session on Monday night, as he has now entered "Ten Minutes of Hell" too. I pushed the bike out of the shed, started to ride off and couldn't change gear. After a quick examination I discovered the gear cable swinging in the wind and the restraining bolt that holds the cable had sheared in half!! Somehow overnight it had decided enough was enough. I was a bit dejected as Paul set off on his own for a spin, and decided to fix the puncture on the Giant, so I could go out on Tuesday night. Once the puncture was fixed and the wheel back on the bike things went from bad to worse. It now appears that the rear wheel has not only got worn bearings, but the hub seems to have collapsed!  When I spin the wheel it only does about 2 rotations then reverses half a turn before it grinds to a halt! So because of my lack of attention to the winter bike I haven't ridden yet this winter I had a forced weeks rest from cycling!!!!

Mrs Palefish took the bike up to the lads at Vita Cycles for me on Tuesday, and after close inspection a new front Mech was ordered to be fitted ready for today's ride. Once again the lads delivered the goods and replaced the Mech free of charge!! Although I did have to sort of pay by being the focus of their "Great sense of humour!!!"

The following are a selection of tweets I received from my so called Club Mates on Thursday afternoon.

@palefish just seen this whilst passing @VitaCycles great bargin as its hardly been used

@palefish think you could get more than £300 for it too though

@palefish @Nipper100 @vitacycles - Sold!

@palefish @vitacycles - What groupset is on it? Is it full ultegra?

@palefish @vitacycles Was yours!! best £300 I ever spent.. Now to split it and sell it for parts.. ;)

@SRJSmith @palefish @vitacycles £300? you got ripped off

@palefish @jamesmmackie83 @vitacycles make sure you try before you buy James oh and your tetanus is up to date as usually its filthy

@VitaCycles - Bit pricey at £50 mind! Thanks @palefish!

@WirralMamil_Ade @palefish enjoy it Ade. You look great on it. Try and put some miles on it, unlike the previous owner!!

@VitaCycles @palefish - Exactly. Needs to be used and get the cobwebs blown off if and those knobbly bits on the tyres need wearing down!

This is just a selection of the comments, and I haven't included mine as they are not suitable for this forum, (my kids read it sometimes!) Barry mentioned to me that he had received lots of messages from people wanting to buy the bike!! I'm not surprised as it is a beauty even if I do say so myself.

So, today was the day to get back in the saddle. I got a lift to the shop, for 9am as we had decided to leave early to get the miles in before lunchtime. There were 7 of us on the club ride, and could have been 8 if Dave had got the message, sorry Dave! We decided that as it was a bit frosty, and could be icy in the lanes so we would stick to the main roads until the sun came up a bit to warm the tarmac. Thankfully we didn't have any incidents and enjoyed a cold but dry, except for the missing link, ride out to the outskirts of Chester and then back along the Dee Path to Eureka, for a 20min only stop, and then back through the lanes, the hilly route, and a loop from Heswall to Caldy and back to Irby via Montgomery Hill. The pace was fast at times, and I even felt good on the hills, which was surprising as another cold has taken hold this week. I managed a PB on one of the Hills today which I was very happy with.

Back at the shop we met up with the Vita Team lads who had been out for a 50mile blast. They are doing loads of miles and looking really fast now.
This week there are a few lads going to Lanzarote for a weeks riding in the Sun. All I can say is I hope it rains, and no I'm not really jealous!!!!

I ordered my new shoes this week. I decided on Sidi Ergo 3's in the end. I can't wait to get them on and take advantage of the stiff carbon sole. Should be good for at least 30 seconds off the Ten Minutes of Hell time!!

I am planning to go out tomorrow morning and have another ride through the tunnel. I am meeting a couple of others at the 12th Man on Greasby Road at 7am (15 minute lay in!) If you want to join us you are more than welcome.

Today's ride details:

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