Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting the Base miles in.

Another night ride tonight, and as long as the weather keeps up, I hope to be able to hit the 100 miles per week target I have set for the year. Paul and I were joined tonight by Dave, who is joining the Club, and lives 500yds from me. Great for me as I now have a new riding partner, but bad for Claire and the Boys as I have another excuse to get out on the bike!!

Twitter and my email have been buzzing with messages about the Team and club since the meeting on Monday. The Racers are planning their season, registering for their first races, planning training rides and getting their licenses sorted. Things are certainly moving with pace.

The plan for this weeks Club ride is to do a loop around the North of Wirral, then out through the lanes to Eureka, and after a Coffee back to the shop through Puddington and Neston. Be at the shop for 9.30 to join us.

Check out the route here:

Tonight's ride details:

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