Sunday, 18 September 2011

British Heart Foundation Manchester to Blackpool Night ride

We did it!! The distance ended up being 52 miles, which my legs coped with fine. I didn't feel too tired through the night, although I do now!! The weather delivered a few nice cold showers to keep the mind focused in the small hours too.
The start of the ride was Barton Sq at the Trafford centre. I started the Garmin as we arrived, which means that the hour and a half we waited to go has been included in the total ride time!! oops!! I definitely need a battery for my heart rate monitor too, 224bpm resting!!! And for some reason the elevation at the end of the ride has gone a bit mad! Maybe the Garmin was tired and cold too!!!

We set off in groups of thirty, starting at 1o'clock. Our start time was 1.30. The rain held off for us whilst we rolled out of the centre and on to the dark empty streets of south Manchester.
It didn't take long for the rain to return to join us.
I was a bit surprised at how many punctures there were in the first few miles. Luckily me and Ken managed to get through without any mechanical problems.
We made good time and by the time we reached the first food stop we had already caught up with some of the early starters.
The route was well planned, with great signs and marshaling, with feed stops about every 15 miles, the best one was at Bamber Bridge, where there was some warming soup to keep the hypothermia at bay!!

The rain continued to keep us company intermittently, it seemed that just as I had warmed up the rain would come back!!
It was also a bit weird coming across groups of spectators cheering us on our way ( some very late licenses at a few hostelries!)
Riding into Blackpool under the lights was a bit surreal, with the lights at the top of the tower guiding us to the finish.
There was a warm welcome and coffee, toast and porridge to restore some sort of heat into cold legs.
The organisation was great, my only suggestion would be that the next Night ride be held in June!!

Thanks to every one who has sponsored us. We have achieved doubled our initial target, so far.
There is still time to help us support this fantastic charity.

Tonight's ride details:

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