Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hills with a bit of wind and rain just to make it interesting!

The usual crowd for one reason or another (rain, wind, exciting stage in the Vuelta) didn't make it tonight. I started off on my own, deciding to have a little detour up Wirral's only hairpin! When I got back to the top of the hill there was James, one of the Vita lads. So on we went looping up and down in the wind and rain. I am actually starting to like hills! Sad but true. They can only get easier the more weight I loose, and watching someone like James, who is 4.5 stone lighter than me, fly up the hills is really motivating! So seeing as I didn't have anything to eat before I went out, and I burned 1556 calories on the ride, it seemed silly to eat when I got in! watch this space for weight updates. This is becoming obsessive!!
My registration for the British Heart Foundation Manchester to Blackpool night ride has been accepted, so at 11.30pm on Sat 17th Sept I will be rolling out of the Trafford Centre into the night for the 60 mile trip to the golden mile and the glorious Blackpool Lights.
News from Steve, LEJOG, is that although the weather is not so good, the lads are all enjoying the ride and they are making good progress, Check out their updates on Twitter or on their Blog.

Tonight's ride details:

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