Monday, 26 September 2011

Vita club meeting

No riding today, which was not good as the weather was great all day! Tonight we had a meeting of the club at the shop, thanks Barry and Phil for staying open for us!
Dave, the coach, wanted to talk about the plans for winter training.
Saturday rides will continue, but the length will be shorter than the last few weeks, probably only an hour and a half. We will be adding Sunday rides into the mix, lasting up to 5 hours and challenging. The idea is that as the nights are drawing in we do a big one each week. Sounds like a plan, and will leave the Saturday ride for a shorter spin, at a pace that will be good for all levels.
We also discussed a winter training camp in Lanzarote in Feb, which sounds like a great idea.
The plan is that we will be entering races next year as a club. We already have some club members who take part in Triathlons, and Ben has already won us our first medal!! During the winter training we will be working towards this goal!! Not sure if I will race, but you never know!!  
The next big ride I have planned is the Liverpool Marathon next weekend, 9/10/11. the club will be cycle marshaling the event! look out for us if you are there!
If you are interested in joining the club please leave a comment here, or contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

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