Saturday, 24 September 2011

Big turnout for the Team Vita Ride 24/9/11

A great turnout today for the Team Vita Saturday coached ride. It was good to see Pete from Thursday night, Dave and Mark came back after their initiation in the wet and punctures last week and Dan Joined us after a discussion on twitter. 20 of us headed out from the shop with the words of Dave the coach ringing in our ears, " if you get dropped or we split at junctions or lights, today it is your responsibility to get back to the group. Today will be hard!" Things didn't start well as Dave and Mark, who come over from Liverpool to ride with us were just arriving as the first lads left!! So we had already dropped 2 at the start!! I dropped back to help them get back on the group, and just as we reached them, another junction, and we were dropped again!! we did this 3 times, each time I covered the gap to let the group know the lads were off, then went back to bring them up!! I felt like a true team domestique!! After an hour, 4 of the group headed back to the shop, the pace was good and they were suffering mechanicals or didn't feel they had the legs to carry on. Even though I am still "with cold" I seem to be ok on the bike! we then carried on zig zagging across the Wirral to the outskirts of Chester and then headed back. The group split when we reached Ness, Dave and the fast guys headed back across the Thornton, and Me and a couple headed back to the shop, My lungs finally telling me enough is enough!!
Back at the shop Frank was there, holding the fort as Barry had gone to a wedding. He informed me that I was on Coffee duty, which is no problem, unless you have the Franchise owner of Merseyside's Costa Coffee shops with you!! All good in the end.
Today's ride details:

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