Thursday, 22 September 2011

Vita Ride, Still with Man Flu!!

I decided to head up to the shop to see the lads before they headed off for their Thursday training ride, with a plan to then head back via West Kirby, taking it easy as I'm still full of cold. But things don't always go to plan do they!! As I turned the corner I could see the lads heading off down Thingwall Road. I decided to catch them up, say hello then head back. Well that didn't happen either!  once I caught up with the crew there was nothing I could do but stay with them. We headed out to Raby, did a couple of laps round Dave's speed loop and back to  drop Max off, as he didn't have any lights!! Unfortunately he lives at the lowest part of Lower Heswall!! Oh well, I did miss the hill session yesterday.
It was good to see a couple of new faces tonight, I hope Pete and Mark will be back.
I also received some more sponsorship for the Night Ride. Cheers Mate. The Giving page is still open, please take a look via the link on the top of the page.

Tonight's ride details:

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