Monday, 12 September 2011

Quick spin with Hurricane Katia!!

I may have overstated the title a little! It was very windy tonight, with the tail end of  Hurricane Katia kissing the North West coast. The wind has been that strong the Tour of Britain stage from Kendal to Blackpool was cancelled. Didn't stop me though!!
I dislike riding in the wind more than riding hills, so I decided to attack the ride by heading into the wind on the way out looking forward to a tail wind on the way home! It was a struggle at times to keep in a straight line when the wind gusted!
I decided to stop by the Beach to video how strong the wind was. Bad mistake. In the minute I was stationary, half the beach decided to stick to my freshly lubed chain!! A very noisy ride home!
Please don't forget to have a look at my just giving page, click on the link to the right of this post. Only 4 days until  Ken and I ride from Manchester to Blackpool through the night. Please dig deep, it's for a good cause.

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  1. Braver than Cav et al! Most dedicated guy i know.