Thursday, 19 January 2012

Oh dear, I've discovered Rapha!

Some new kit arrived today. Nothing unusual you would think, but I was very excited, and have been watching the tracking closely, willing the postman to get here quickly!
A black postage bag with the words Rapha and the obligatory flash of Pink raised the expectation of what I knew was inside even more. I had ordered the kit so I knew what was in there but it was just like Christmas as I carefully opened the package. Inside was another bag, this time like a musette ( a feed bag that Cyclists use on day races) without the strap, but emblazoned with the words, Rapha Performance Roadwear.
Now I don't want to disappoint you with the contents, but I am now the proud owner of a Rapha+Paul Smith Cap and a pair of oversocks.

I didn't get a chance to wear the oversocks tonight as it was a bit too wet, but the Cap is excellent. I have been wearing a Castelli Thermo Skull Cap through the winter so far, which has been excellent, and I wasn't sure how well the Rapha cap would work in comparison, but I need not have worried. It kept my head warm, and wicked the sweat well, even with the efforts we put in up the hills and along the Hoylake/Meols seafront.
I'm not going to say how good the cap is and how much I like the Rapha range to Claire, because I'm sure she will cut up the credit card and put a lock on the computer to help me resist!!!
The sale is still on so get on to for some bargains.

Tonight Was windy and the roads were quite wet from a day of showers, but Paul, Phil, Owen and me headed out from the 12th Man towards West Kirby into a nice gusty headwind! We decided to do a couple of loops over the hill and then take advantage of natures propulsion on the way back. We climbed up an over the hill 5 times and then did a bit of sprinting down the Prom. It is really helping  having the lads come out in the week, as we all motivate each other to get on the bike, even in rough weather.
We were chatting tonight about the Saturday ride, and decided that we should leave a bit earlier so that we can fit in a cafe stop and still be back by lunchtime. So this weeks club ride will leave the shop at 9.00. I will load up the ride route tomorrow.

Tonight's Ride Details:

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