Saturday, 31 December 2011

New years eve Team Vita Ride

My last ride of 2011 was fittingly a Team Vita ride. It's thanks to the support and motivation of riding with the guys that I have managed to loose 2 stone, and increase my fitness this year. I cant believe how quickly the last 9 months, 3073miles and 34,377meters of climbing have gone!! But there is always room for improvement. And I realised that more than ever today, when after a week of overindulgence and little time in the saddle, I had to leave the Team ride as I was struggling to keep up.
 9 of us started out from the Shop, and the pace was good, with everyone taking a turn in the front. We were headed for Chester and then a loop round the back of the city and back via Eureka. Along the way Dave decided to change the route and turned towards Wales, which was not my idea of fun after bailing from Tinsel Spin earlier this week, but I decided to give it a go and enjoyed the ride until we hit the first proper climb. It wasn't a massive climb, only just over a mile and an average incline of 3.6%, but I struggled and had to stop to get my breath at the top before coasting down the other side to meet up with the others who were waiting for me. I decided then that Wales wasn't the place for me today, so I turned to head back on my own. I hadn't been to Ewloe before, and wasn't sure of the way, but headed in what I thought was the right direction!! After a little detour round an industrial estate, I eventually found my way to the Dee Path, and started the 3 mile slog into a not quite head, but still very energy sapping, wind. The Path can be great when in a group or when there is no wind, but not so kind when you are on your own!! It is our little bit of Holland in the North West!!

I made it to Eureka for a pit stop, which as always was busy,

and then headed home. I saw Ian on the way through Irby, who was fixing his second puncture in two days. He seems to have taken my puncture curse from me, I hope!!! We then rode together into Greasby.

I made a decision today. I think that to keep increasing my fitness and loose weight, I am going to resolve to give up alcohol in 2012!! I don't drink excessively, but I have certainly noticed how it has affected me over the last couple of weeks, and also the weight I have put back on because of it. So now it is in black an white  here, I shall have to keep to it!

Here are today's ride details:

I hope everyone has a great New Years eve celebration, and that 2012 will be happy and prosperous for you all.

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