Sunday, 18 December 2011

Making the most of a sunny winter day

Today was the complete opposite to yesterday. I woke up to sun streaming through the window, and a promise of 6 degrees from the weather app. Typical! A day when no cycling was planned and the weather was great! I got up and we were having breakfast, whilst I was longingly looking out the window at the clear sky. The boys wanted boiled eggs, and Joe wasn't happy with the consistency of his yolk, so Claire put it in the Microwave. Big mistake! Now I bet you are wondering where this is going? Well, if you have ever microwaved an egg a bit too much, you will know what happened next. After a loud pop, and a few expletives from the kitchen, Joe had a poached egg, and Claire had a big clean up to do. So when she said, "What would I have to do for you to clean the Microwave" the answer was simple!! 15 minutes later I was pulling on my cycling gear to head off for a spin in the sun!!! Well worth the effort of cleaning super heated egg off the inside of the Microwave!! It was a great ride, much warmer that yesterday, 6.6degrees Ave,  and not too much wind. I even managed to do my best time up Column Road, and along the front in West Kirby, in fact if it hadn't been for the car I was stuck behind, and eventually overtook at 30mph, I think I would have been faster, not that I have become obsessed with Strava segments like the rest of the team!!!

After lunch, a bit of tree felling, a trip to the allotment and a run to the tip I had a couple of hours spare to clean the bike. It was filthy! I didn't clean it after the night ride on Tuesday.

Filthy Frame!

Extremely dirty cassette

I wouldn't normally put pictures of a dirty cassette on the blog, but I wanted to show you haw good Purple Harry cleaner and Floss is. I discovered this product at the Bike show earlier this year, and have been very pleased with both the products, and the service from the company. It is a new British brand that is doing realy well. So you have seen the before, here is the after!
Sparkly Cassette

Blatant product placement!

Clean Bike

Today's ride details, (with new best times!!) for mobile users:

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