Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tinselspin attempt!!

The day didn't get off to a great start! Whoever invented the Snooze button is responsible for me rushing this morning to get to Paul's in time to head off for Tinselspin. We arrived at the Shippons in Irby and waited for the group to turn up. There were 12 in total, and a disappointing lack of tinsel and Christmas adornments to bikes, only Ian, Dave and myself had decorated our bikes, and Jeff had a bow on his helmet!

We headed out with the intention of riding into the wind to Llandegla for a brew, then back with the wind behind us.
All was going well as we motored down the Chester high Road, I even set a PB on a Strava Segment (but I'm not obsessed, honestly!) until we turned and headed West towards Wales. The wind was gusty and strong and made the going much slower, I did a turn on the front for a bit, and that was where it all went wrong! The wind proved too much for my chest, and I couldn't get oxygen in quick enough to keep the pace up. Luckily (but not for John) there was a puncture, and I managed to recover a bit, but when Ross said he was heading back as he had to go to work, and Jeff, Alex and Sean said they were joining him I didn't need to be asked twice! The problem was that the other 4 got going while I phoned Paul, who was with the rest of the group further up the road, to let him know we were heading back, so I rode back to Eureka on my own, trying to reel them in. It was frustrating as I could see them in the distance, but couldn't close the gap. I suppose Eight wheels are better than two. I did manage to close the gap considerably enough to get to Eureka just behind them, but I was completely done in! A coffee and a slice of Chocolate and Peanut butter pie helped the recovery, and soon we were off again, with the other 4 looking to bag some Strava KOM's on the way back. I stayed with them through Puddington and into Neston, but didn't fancy Boathouse Lane so headed back on my own.
I am disappointed that I didn't make it to Llandegla, but sometimes you have to listen to your body rather than your ego!!!

Today's ride details:

Thanks to Dave @dodgyd and Ian @ian_fagan for organising the ride, maybe next time I'll get to the end!!

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