Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Technology meltdown

I thought I would nip out for a quick spin today, as a warm up for Tinselspin tomorrow. I wanted to also try to do some PB's on Strava, I have to admit I too have become obsessed in improving my times, especially up the hills. It may be a while before I challenge for any KOM's, but there is no harm in trying. I first headed up the Upton road climb, a nice warm up hill that is a steady 5% for half a mile, then round and back towards West Kirby via Moreton, Meols and Hoylake. I attacked the hill out of West Kirby and was making good progress, when I started to hear tyre rub. I thought I may have punctured, but the tyres looked good. I stopped, just short of the end of the segment (!!!!) and discovered that I hadn't located the front wheel correctly after cleaning the bike yesterday, anther rookie error!! When I started off again I noticed that the Garmin was registering a climb incline % of 815 and a speed of 12mph, when I was actually going down hill at probably 30mph!!! The Garmin continued to play up all the way into Irby, where I stopped and re started it and it behaved its self then all the way home.
I was quite frustrated, and angry that my efforts would not be recorded correctly, and it made me think how reliant I have become on the stats, rather than just enjoying the ride. Maybe I will go for a ride without the Garmin one day, but not just yet!!!!

Today's ride details are here: http://app.strava.com/rides/2906973 or in the Panel on the Right of the page.

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  1. It might be the new Chinese GPS satellites taking control of our Garmins;)