Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Moon X-Power 500 first ride.

Since I bought the Moon light a couple of weeks ago, the weather has conspired to keep me indoors in the evenings. As today progressed I decided that whatever the weather, I would get out tonight for a spin. Paul contacted me to see if I was out tonight, which motivated me even more. It was a bit windy, with some strong gusts, but the roads were dry and it wasn't too cold.
I can't believe how good the Moon X-Power 500 is. It is like having a motorcycle light attached to the bike. Paul's reaction when I switched it on was great, he nearly fell off his bike, and as we were riding along, he said he couldn't tell if it was me or a car behind him. I highly recommend spending that extra bit of money on a quality light.
Moon X-Power 500 at full power

I am not sure that introducing the Team to Strava was such a good idea. I may have created a group of monsters!!! The main topic of conversation between team mates currently is about segments and KOM times!!! Even the lads who aren't normally competitive have become addicted. The main reason for out ride tonight was to check out the Hill we will be climbing on Saturday!! I'm sure as we move towards the weekend,  there will be more activity on the hills reported on Strava!!!

To access details of tonight's ride follow this link: http://app.strava.com/rides/2693578 or click on the Strava map on the right of the page.

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