Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve ride to Eureka Cafe

I didn't expect that such a big group would turn up to ride to Eureka Cafe today. Paul and I arrived first, and soon others joined us. It was great to see Alex, who has moved to go to Uni, Paul and Stan, who have been off their bikes for a while after having operations, Owen, who has been working away, and the rest of the usual crowd. We also met up with some other Wirral riders, who I regularly chat to on Twitter, and did some hill training with in the summer.
It was a great sight, although I do apologise to anyone driving from Irby to Heswal, as 30 of us left the shop and headed out.
Once we got out into the lanes we were less of a moving obstacle and even got some applause as we passed people along the road. It must be the season of good will, as even the car drivers we held up were happy to wait for us.
I tried to get a photo of the group, so I sprinted off the front, and found a good spot to stop. Typically, the technology let me down! the iPhone camera wouldn't set up quick enough so I missed the front of the group!!

We only split as a group once, as we went through Willaston, but everyone got back together before we headed down the missing link. Stu was made up that he had brought his cyclo cross bike as the missing link is a farm track that was pretty messy. There were a few grumbles, but it gives me an excuse to get the Purple Harry out later!!

We arrived at the Cafe and took over!

Thanks to Anne and the girls, we were all served quickly, and tucking in to Mulled Wine and Mince pies. 
It was tough to get motivated to get going again, but once out on the road it was a great ride back through the lanes to the shop, I even managed a PB up the Denhall lane climb!!!
I was surprised that we didn't have more mechanicals today, with so many in the group. I think we only had 2 punctures, and for once I wasn't one of them. 

The lads planning on racing next year added a loop of West Kirby to the end of the ride, but I had to get back to two excited boys, and will now spend the rest of the day trying to keep them occupied!!

The next outing is likely to be Tinsel Spin, being organised by Dave and Ian who we rode with today. The plan is to meet at the shop at 9.30 on Wednesday 28th, and if the weather is good, head out into Wales, probably an 80+ miler, or if the weather is not favourable, stay on the Wirral. 
Everyone is welcome, and as details emerge, I will post them here.

Thanks to everyone who rode out today, It was a great ride with great company, and also thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. 

I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas.

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