Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What a lot of Snot!!!

I can't seem to shake this cold! I thought it had gone last week, but no, it's back, and seems to be worse than before. It took a lot of effort to get out tonight, but I managed it, if only for a quick loop at an easy pace. The cold mixed with my asthma made it hard to get enough oxygen in to keep the legs spinning. A bit of an essential element to cycling really! It amazes me how a little winter bug can debilitate me so much. Oh well, shouldn't complain, there are others much worse off than me. Time to shut up and put up!! I got the Turbo out the other day, and put the old Giant back together to go on it. I did half an hour on Monday night, and hope to do every other session either on the bike or out on the road.
Whilst I was testing the turbo the other day, my son decided he wanted to have a go, I told him his legs weren't long enough, but that didn't matter.

A good aero position though!! It wont be long before he is riding with Team Vita!!!

I got home from work tonight and there was a card from the Postie on the mat. There are three parcels for me at the sorting office. I hope it is my new Le Col kit from Yanto. Cant wait, first to see if it fits! And then to get some miles in wearing it. More to follow on this in the next few days.

Tonight's Ride Details:

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