Saturday, 19 November 2011

Is it really November? Team Vita ride 19/11/11

The Sky was clear and blue when I left the house this morning, in my new Le Col kit!!! It was a little chilly, but not what you would expect for a mid November morning. I met up with Paul and we headed up to the shop. As usual we were discussing where we would swing off from the ride and head back, as my chest and nose didn't want to work properly!!! We got to the shop and everyone started to arrive, including another new Member, Mark, on another Kuota! Everyone commented on how good the Le Col gear looked, no pressure there then to make sure I did it justice on the ride.

13 of us left the shop with Dave's instructions to spin in the little ring putting a smile on my face, as this keeps the pace down a bit, and gives my lungs a chance. It wasn't long before we had our only puncture of the day, luckily not me this time, which was good seeing as I had left my pump at home along with my spare tube!! I think Paul is contesting the coveted title of most punctures with me!!
There was quite a head wind all the way out, which kept the pace down as well. We headed out towards Ellesmere Port then down the Shell Road, where Alex managed to bust a spoke! After Dave, who is now Chief Mechanic as well as Coach, sorted it out, we headed off for Hapsford, and a couple of climbs. As usual I hit reverse gear as soon as the road hit more than 5% but didn't drop off too far. Once over the hills, we turned, had the wind at our backs, upped the pace and headed for home.
We managed to lose Andy about 10 miles from the shop,(Pit stop!), but every one else got back with the group.
It was a great achievement for a couple of the newer lads who had never done this distance before, and although they were not enjoying it at the end, I'm sure they are now looking forward to pushing to the next threshold.
The Le Col kit performed as you would expect good quality cycling gear to. The jacket kept me warm but not too hot, and the shorts were fantastic, especially the pad, very comfy, which is important on a long ride!!
As usual, I didn't have to pull out of the ride early, and even added a little loop out to West Kirby on the way home too!!
Andy had his Go Pro with him today, I will post a link when he uploads it.

Today's ride details:

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