Sunday, 27 November 2011

Onix Twiter Ride

Well, what a day!!! An early start, for a Sunday, and Me, Shaun and Ken were on our way to the other side of Macclesfield to meet up with a couple of like minded cyclists for a spin with the MD of Onix Bikes.
We couldn't believe it when we rolled into the Car Park and there were at least 40 people getting bikes and themselves ready.
Spot the Onix prototype!
Ken and Sean, and it was as cold as it looks!

There were so many we were asked to move our cars from the Pub car park so that their paying customers could get in!! It was a new experience driving the car in shoes with Cleats!!!

We set off from the side of a lake,

and headed straight into the first climb of the day, and by far the steepest, especially on cold legs!! It had an Average of 9% and topped out at 25% (by my Garmin anyway!!) I am not ashamed to say when we hit 25% I walked!!! too much too soon and I didn't want to do myself in in the first 2 miles.
The going got a bit easier after that. We headed round to Macclesfield, a different way to the planned route, as we had split so much on the first climb and some had gone the wrong way.
This proved to be a great plan, as we turned out of Macc to head up to the Cat and Fiddle, we had the wind at our backs. I got into a good rhythm and span my way up the 6 mile climb, ave 6% to the highest pub in England (I think!) When we got to the top the wind was across us and blew a couple of people into the verge. I passed Sean, who was stopping to help someone, and as he got off his bike it was caught by the wind and it looked like he was flying a kite!! Serves him right for buying an extremely light Orbea Orca!!!

Half way up to the Cat

It was so windy, we had to crouch to get a rest!

All safely at the top.

We Left the Shelter of the Cat and Fiddle and headed back, after a short fast decent we turned and had to ride into a headwind up hill! it was tough going but not as bad as I thought it would be.
It was decided that as the wind was so strong, I'm not sure exactly how strong it was but it was bad, we would call it a day and head back to the Pub. After another fast decent, and one last stingy climb, we all got back safely. Waiting for us were these great biscuits,

Which were a very welcome treat. All the way round Mike, the Onix mechanic was following us in the Onix Team car, offering advice on directions, and words of motivation!!!

Even though it was cut short, it was a great ride, with some challenging hills, and decent's.
At the end we had to take the obligatory Team Photo's!!

Shaun and Ken

Shaun and Me

Once all the bikes were back in the car we decamped to the pub for a brew! There was more cake from Louise ( although I didn't get to try any as Dean, from Purple Harry and David Harman, Eurosport, were monopolising the tupperware!!

It was also a great opportunity to talk to Craig, Onix Bikes MD, about next years range, and how the idea of starting a new bike brand has developed over the last 18 months. For more info on Onix Bikes why not watch this video. 

Thanks Craig for a great day, and I hope to be riding all 6 of Onix Bikes Twitter rides next year.
Also thanks to Purple Harry for some Bike Floss samples and CNP for the new Bottle and energy bars.

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