Friday, 18 November 2011

Quick Le Col shakedown

Today has been just like Christmas eve! I left for work, in the knowledge that there was some new kit waiting for me at home. I had tried them on last night, but tonight I was going to put them to their proper use. After a long dragging day, I got home, Changed into the new Le Col kit and headed off for a quick spin to see how the fitted, and felt. Typically, as one of the pieces is a winter jacket, it was quite warm tonight! But I decided to wear it all, as the info about the Jacket says it is a good temperature regulator.
I suppose I should give a bit of background as to why I am now the proud owner of a full set of Le Col Derboun kit, Short Sleeve Jersey,  Bib Shorts and most importantly for this time of year, a Winter Jacket.
I don't normally spend much time talking about new kit on here, but I have had such a great experience as a Le Col customer I felt I needed to let you know.

It all started when Yanto Barker, the owner of Le Col,  Tour of Britain rider and recently signed with the UK Youth team for 2012, Tweeted that he had some 3XL kit for sale at a discount. I Tweeted back, asking if the 3XL was UK or Italian, as the European sizing isn't the best for my ample build!! Yanto asked me to email Le Col with a few details about myself. I thought, why not, nothing ventured and all that, and I was very pleased to receive an email, from Yanto himself, saying that he wasn't sure if the kit would fit, as everyone is different, but, if I wanted to order any kit, he would send it to me to try, and if it fitted, keep it and if it didn't, just pay for the postage and send it back. What struck me most was the personal service and time that Yanto and his team spent with me. This company has excelled in customer service. The Icing on the cake is the Kit. It fits well, and will fit better as the weight falls off. The Pad in the shorts felt great first time on, the fit of the Jersey is great, with some nice detailing, and a full length Zip, and the Jacket is Waterproof, Wind proof and, as tested tonight, breathable when the temp is a bit high! All I need now are some leg warmers to finish the look for winter, hint hint, (my birthday is in two weeks!!)
I highly recommend that you have a look at the Le Col website, and try some for yourself.

Depending on the Weather, I may wear the full kit on the Vita Team ride tomorrow. I will let you know how life with Le Col progresses!

Tonight's ride details:

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