Thursday, 24 November 2011

Preparing for The Onix Twitter Ride

I haven't been out much this week. In fact tonight is the first time I've swung my leg over the crossbar since Saturday. Claire has been working and the Kids have been unwell, always an excuse!!! 
Sunday this week is the Onix Twitter ride. I am looking forward to meeting the man behind Onix Bikes, a new British bike brand that is growing from strength to strength, and is based in the North West, in Preston. There have been a couple of rides in the past, both in the Lakes, but this is the first I will be attending. The Ride Roster is a veritable who's who of local Twitterati, and a couple of Pro Riders, Daniel Patten, Asfra Flanders Team in Belgium and Hannah Walker, Women's Motorpoint Marshal Team. Also joining us is the voice of Cycling on Eurosport, David Harmon, and Ken Jones, Vetran Racer and purveyor of Bioracer Clothing in the UK.
Mike, Onix Bikes chief mechanic, will be driving a support car, stocked with CNP energy bars, and cake from Lou (

The route is a challenging one, especially for someone who isn't that keen on hills!! It is not that long, 53 miles, but we will be climbing over 5000ft (1500m). That's a lot of up and down!! Hence my loops round the one local hill in West Kirby! To put it into perspective, to achieve the same elevation gain in a ride round West Kirby, I would have to go up Grange Road 30 times!! Anyway, a challenge like this is what is needed to keep me going through winter!
For details of the ride, if you want to join us, please check out this link:

Tonight's ride details:

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