Saturday, 12 November 2011

Another Puncture on the Team Vita Ride 12/11/11

Today was another chance for me to lead the ride, as Dave was off playing with fast cars at Donnington.
I decided to do a Cafe ride today, as the last one went down well. there was another great turnout, 11 of us left the shop and rode out towards Greasby, Moreton, Leasowe and on to New Brighton. We met up with Dan on the way. There was a surprising headwind out by the coast, so we made sure no one was on the front for too long. When we got to Seacombe we stopped for a couple of the lads to have a natural break, and I was determined not to loose anyone today!! Whilst we were waiting, A couple of the Liverpool Mercury lads came off the ferry. I knew James was coming over today, but didn't think we would see them. It was good to to meet someone who I have only talked to on Twitter. James and John were off to Eureka too, but going round the opposite way. James Onix Azzuro looked really nice, I am looking forward to seeing a few more in a couple of weeks when I go for a ride with the Owner, Craig, and some of his friends. Check out this link for details:
When everyone was finished with the facilities at the ferry terminal, we then headed over the bridges into Birkenhead, Through to Rock Ferry, Port Sunlight, Bromborough, Easton, and then on to the Welsh Road. At this point I picked up a thorn and Punctured AGAIN!!! It was too good to be true. I think if we have a Club Christmas get together, I will win the most punctures in a year prize!!! The Pave's were easy to get on and off though, which was a bonus, but I need to invest in a new pump, the one I have is good, but doesn't get the tube to a high enough pressure to seat the Tyre properly, and it felt a little lumpy. Luckily we were only a short blast down the Welsh Road to Eureka, where a quick inflate with a Track pump seated the Tyre nicely.
The Eureka Cafe wasn't too busy so there was room for us to take up two tables.

While we were there we were discussing last Sundays ride, and the Steps Challenge, that is run by Eureka. We decided that we needed to ride out to the steps on a Saturday ride and all have a go, set a base time each and then make regular trips there to see how we are improving, with the aim of all getting onto the leader board in the Cafe.
Alex and Jane met us at the Cafe, they didn't realise we were leaving earlier today, and when they got to the shop at 9.20, they tried to catch us up, and ended up cutting across the Wirral to meet us.
After a nice social brew, we headed off back up the Chester High road to the Shop, this time with the wind at our backs.
Andy had taken his GoPro camera with him today, to get some video footage of the ride, but unfortunately something didn't work and he only got 7seconds of video. Maybe next week will be better.
It was a great social ride today, a good opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a little better. I'm sure when Dave is back in charge we will be pushing the pace again!!!

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  1. Your routes need a bit of finessing, B roads rather than A,s. Some nice stuff out there, Thornton Hough, Willaston, Port Sunlight and the Wirral Coastal Route. Barry's GoPro stuff looked good in the shop.

  2. Hi Frank, we ride the lanes most weekends. This week I decided on a direct route, a change is as good as a rest!!!