Saturday, 26 November 2011

Out to Vita and Back the long way!

Today, as I had to be back for the boss to go to work, Paul and I went out for an hour before the Team Vita ride. We had a great spin to the shop the long way round, with a couple of hills thrown in to warm the legs. There was a great turnout at the shop, 15 today, and a Coach who had said on Facebook yesterday today's ride would be "Fast and furious"!!
Before we left, and as we were there before everyone else, I had the chance to have a good look at the New Cervelo S5.

A nice bit of kit, a little out of my price range but always nice to look at a great bike.

We headed out, and this time I knew I wouldn't be going all the way with the group as I was on a time deadline. We rode down to Greasby then round Royden Park to the hill up to Thurstaston, for the second time today for Me and Paul!!! Going up we dropped Mark, who is relatively new to Cycling. We circled at the top of the hill to let him catch up but he wasn't up for it today. This was my cue to head back to the shop, a little earlier than expected, but we did do a little loop to add a few more miles in. Mark headed home, and I stayed chatting to Phil at the shop about how the Team could develop next year into 2 groups, a Racing team and a club group. I think this will help to grow members in the new year, and give an option to everyone each week, Fast race pace training, or Club ride with Cafe stop!!
I thought I would try out a new App on my iPhone today, and let everyone who hasn't been to Vita Cycles yet have a look around. Click on this link to have a look: It's a 360 view so click and hold then move the mouse. (like google street view!!)

So now back home it is time to clean and prep the bike and get my kit ready, for tomorrows Onix Twitter ride. I'll probably have to take a choice of clothes as the weather looks so unsettled I wont know till we get there!
If you are still not sure about going, details are here:

Today's ride details:

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