Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Timelapse of an Amaryllis opening

I haven't tried a long Time Lapse before. So it seemed a good idea to capture an Amaryllis opening. Claire was convinced that she could see the flower opening as we sat watching TV the other night, so I got out the GoPro and set it up on a tripod. I have just bought a frame case that allows charging whilst recording, so it was easy to let the GoPro record for 33 hours! It was tough waiting to see the final result.

I am quite happy with the end film, although I did make a rookie error with the lighting. When I set up the camera, I made sure the light was right, from behind and not over exposing the shot, I forgot to allow for daylight streaming in the window during the day!!!! Claire suggests next time we do a long Time Lapse we should keep the curtains closed. That will get the Neighbours talking!!!

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