Sunday, 7 February 2016

Pirate Battle V Skateboarding

We didn't make it to Liverpool to see the Chinese New Year celebrations today. I forgot Joe (youngest son) had a party to go to!!!

While Joe was at the party we did take to opportunity to enjoy the rare sunshine and go for a walk.
We headed to West Kirby to walk round the Marine Lake, but a lack of planning to check the tide table put paid to that!!
He then went to Hoylake to walk along the prom, and go to the lifeboat station. While we were looking at the Pirate ship, Calam and Sam decided to have a battle with imaginary swords.
Seeing as the Skateboards were in the boot of the car, it seemed rude not to go to the Concrete Wave in New Brighton for a quick spin. I have definitely lost the new Globe longboard now. Calam likes it just as much as the other two boys.
Claire and Livvy opted for a more leisurely stroll. when we headed back to the car, riding into the wind, I wish I had made that decision too!!!
I decided to test the Samsung Camera to see if the video and photo quality was any good. Claire "Acquired" the camera after a builder left it at work a couple of years ago, but I haven't really used it. To be honest, I thing the GoPro gives better results (it is 1080 though and the Samsung is only 720) and the focus isn't quick enough to keep up with the skateboarding. I think I am going to look and see what cameras are available that shoot 1080 video (don't tell Claire!!)

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