Sunday, 4 March 2012

Vita Cycles Team at Pimbo Road Race

There was a big representation by the Vita Cycle Team at the CDNW Pimbo race today.
We had 8 riders on the start line of 74, ready to face a wet and windy 64km race!
I Didn't manage to get over to see the race, but our Very own Mr Vita Cycles (Team/ shop Boss, Barry) was there to support the lads, and snap some shots for the Blog, along with Coach Zel, who was a Marshal.
And they are off

Steve off the front of the race.
In the thick of it!
6 of the lads finished, and were placed well throughout the field. The race lasted for 1hour 50 mins with an average speed of 25mph and a top speed of 37.3!
Unfortunately Gav was taken out 500m from the end of the race, just as he was winding up to sprint for the line. Luckily he is ok, and the bike didn't get damaged either!

Here is a link to more Photos from the race.

This weekend has been a  great start to the season for the Team, which we hope continues next week when the racing goes to Saighton

The full race results can be found here


  1. Tell your man Steve that sprinting for a Prime when in a break of 8 is pretty poor etiquette.

  2. Thanks for checking out the blog, hope you liked it. I'll pass on you comment.