Saturday, 24 March 2012

Enjoying the Spring sunshine

It wasn't particularly warm as I left the house this morning, but I had decided that today was going to be a Shorts and Short sleeve jersey day, and it looked like the mist would burn off. When I got to Paul's he had just changed into a short sleeved jersey, and was taking the mud guards off his bike. It was getting warmer even as we rode up to the shop, but just to remind us it was only March, there was quite a cold breeze.
As it approached 9.30 the shop filled up with cyclists, all wearing shorts,  some with leg or knee warmers, but all needing a little bit of sun, except Dave who went to Lanzarote in Feb with a few of the other lads.
There were 17 of us in the group today.

I had planned a route that zig zagged through the lanes, and as I didn't want to get lost for the third ride in a row, I set the route as a course on the Garmin, and asked Paul to do the same.
I bet you can guess what comes next? Yep, I got lost!! and only about 5 miles into the ride! It was a simple mistake, left instead of right! But it wasn't too much of a problem, all we had to do was negotiate a large busy roundabout over the M53, and we were back on course.

We headed down to the Dee Path, and were greeted with a strong headwind. We worked as a team and kept the pace up, until we reached the bridge half way along. We crossed the Dee and were in our third county of the day! As we got to the end of the runway at Hawarden Airport we were treated to the spectacle of the Airbus Beluga taking off. I wasn't quick enough to get my camera out, but here is a video from You Tube.

It certainly is a bizarre sight, and doesn't look like it should really fly!

The reason for heading over the Dee was to introduce a new hill into our Saturday rides. The climb up into the village of  Hawarden isn't particularly long, just under half a mile, but after 30 miles it certainly tests the legs a little.

With the wind behind us now, the miles disappeared quickly, we even rode past Eureka without stopping!!
We decided to ride straight  up the Chester high Road, as a couple of the group needed to get back, and for once, with the wind at our backs, it was quite enjoyable.

Not all 17 made it all the way round, a couple split early on in the ride, Anthony went off up into Wales to play on the proper hills, and a couple headed home instead of going back to the shop. I hope all our weekend rides will be as warm as this now for the rest of Spring and summer!!!!

I have finally purchased some new shoes. They were dispatched today so should be with me next week. After much deliberation, and cogitation I went for a pair of Giro Factor's. They are in the colours of the Rapha Condor Sharp racing team. Now everyone is used to me wearing lycra, they have to prepare for the introduction of accents of pink!! (Condor bike next time?!?!?!?!?)

Paul had mentioned during the ride that it was Star Wars weekend at Spaceport, and seeing as my kids and his are hooked on the films and Lego kits we decided to take a trip over to Seacombe. While we were there I think I spotted the person who was throwing things at us along the prom a few weeks ago.
He fits the description, black hoodie etc!

Today's ride details

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