Saturday, 17 March 2012

Some Wirral loops and an introduction to Di2

Today's Vita Cycles Club ride was planned as an "easy out" route, as some of the riders had told me that they needed to get off at different times. I decided to link 3 of the loops that we do on the evening rides, which include some flat fast roads, and some climbs.
The weather didn't look too good on the iPhone Apps this morning, so I packed my new Le Col rain cape just in case.
As usual Yanto and the team came up with the goods, and even though Mrs Palefish isn't too keen on the Style, I am very happy!

And as always, if you prepare for rain, it stays dry (almost), so I will have to wait for a rainy day to do a full review on the Jacket, I'm sure it wont be long!!!

I wasn't expecting a large group today, as some of the lads are off playing in the snow, a couple are doing the half marathon tomorrow, and 3 of the Team are racing in Cockermouth (Cumbria) tomorrow.

I rode up to the shop with Paul, and was surprised to see a couple of lads waiting, including a new rider, who saw us out on Thursday night and asked if he could join us. The group is growing quickly, and we may need to split into 3 groups soon! A race group. an intermediate group, and a new member group. (more on that later)

We had planned to leave at 9.00, but as with all good plans, there was a little delay, and eventually 18 of us left the shop. A good turn out for what I thought was going to be  quiet day!

The new rider was first to have a mishap, as his phone fell from its handlebar mount, and it took a while for him to ride back on to the group. Then when faced with the Moby Dick climb up Village Road, he decided to call it a day. I think in future we may have to run the 3rd ride, for new riders who aren't used to riding in a group at pace for long distance. We may incorporate this group in the Tuesday evening ride, leaving the 12th Man in Greasby at 7.30.

We continued into West Kirby and along to Hoylake, Meols and then as we approached Moreton, Alex punctured, another unplanned but unavoidable delay eating into the time available. We rode on to New Brighton, then back through Claughton and down Ford Hill, (Max speed 42mph!)
We were now down to 10 riders, and we headed back towards West Kirby through the lanes and rode over the hill again this time via Black Horse Hill.
We were split into two groups by the temporary lights at the bottom of Telegraph Road. By the time we regrouped on the outskirts of Heswall, we were down to 8 and after a quick discussion we decided to cut the ride short, and miss out the loop to Puddington, and back through Brimstage to the shop.

I was glad to have some time to get better acquainted with the Cervelo S5 that the shop have built with Ultegra Di2 groupset.

No need for words!

 And just for those of you who have not seen the electronic changing system in action, a little video of the magic of Di2!

As a gadget fan I think this is a great piece of equipment, especially the way the front mech automatically trues itself as it moves the chain between the big and small Chain rings. But as a cyclist I struggle with the automation of gear changing. I sort of miss the simplicity of the shifters on the down tube, and the fact that you could feel when the gear was in! But, if Vita or Shimano want to donate a Di2 groupset to the Palefish fund I wouldn't say no!!!

Another week and another club ride done, I wonder what the next one will bring us?

Today's ride details

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