Saturday, 15 October 2011

They say bad things come in 3's-----So do punctures!!!

What promised to be a great day turned out to be another frustrating one!!
I spent the evening yesterday fitting new tubes, swapping tyres, as the puncture on Thursday led to a hole in the side of the tyre. I also fitted the new Kool Stop pads I got from Vita yesterday, all looking good, and ready for the team ride!!!
The weather was great, a little cold, but promising to warm up. There was a good turn out of the lads, 12, with Nick joining us for the first time.
The early pace was good, and the plan was to ride for about 3 hours. Everything was going well, until we hit one of my favourite down hill sections. About two thirds down it going about 33mph I heard that now familiar pop and hiss!! This time it was the back wheel. I had managed to pick up what looked like a drill bit!! A quicker change than the other night, and we are off again. But it didn't last long. The cold weather had had its usual effect on my chest, and the realisation of not being able to keep up the pace with the lads sunk in. Nick rode back to me and said he needed to head back to the shop, so we left the lads and headed back to Irby. We held a steady pace along the Chester High Road and I was looking forward to a nice Coffee when we got back, and then I realised the back was loosing pressure again!! We stopped and I put some more air in, which promptly decided to leave again!!! Nick lent me a tube and once the Third puncture in two rides was fixed we headed back to the shop.

I think I need to replace my heart rate monitor too. I'm sure it's not recording properly, 200bpm before I get on the bike!! And ignore the elevation chart, I'm sure Greasby isn't -200m below sea level!! Maybe time for a new Garmin!!
I hope that is the end of my run of bad luck!!

Today's ride details:

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