Friday, 7 October 2011

Another Milestone reached.

Tonight was my first ride in 5 days, all due to a new pair of shoes! I can't believe how bad the blister was that I developed on the first day of wearing the new shoes to work on Monday. I could post a picture but I wont as my daughter has told me it is disgusting and I shouldn't share it with anyone!! So because of this I have been off the bike for the longest time since I started this blog. Anyway, the heel has healed and I managed to get a quick spin in the wind tonight.
The Milestone reached today was the first set by the guys at Vita Cycles.
Back in January, whilst still in my Cycling drought, I signed up to the new shops website, and in doing so was entered into their monthly competition. I couldn't believe it when Barry emailed me to tell me I had won a Campagnolo Ultralight Heritage Windshield.

 I went into the shop a couple of weeks later, and picked up my prize. The only problem was that Italian made cycle wear, even an XXL was not a great fit!!! So The guys at the shop said use it as a target to motivate me back on to the bike. I can proudly say, I wore it tonight, and it fitted a lot better, still a little tight in places, but I could breathe and move in it!!! I now need another target, maybe some Cippollini bib shorts?

Sunday is a busy day for cycling in this area. There is the Etap Cymru, Wales first closed road sportive, good luck to Andy from Team Vita who has entered. There is the Liverpool Marathon, which Team Vita are Cycle Marshaling. 12 of us are riding at the front of the runners to make sure the route is followed. It should be a challenge to ride 26 miles at runners pace, but also a great opportunity to promote the Team.
Also on Sunday is a ride that friends on twitter have organised. The Leaf spin is an end of season get together with a route out into North Wales. Details here:

I will be missing the team ride tomorrow, although I will still be getting a work out, taking my Son, and some of his friends to the cinema and then back to ours for his Birthday Party!!!!

Tonight's ride details:


  1. Well done Chris, now get into the Cippo Shorts and another milestone will be reached!

  2. Cheers Mate, A few more inches to go before that!!