Thursday, 13 October 2011

A catalogue of Errors!!

I set out tonight, heading up to the shop where the Thursday team Vita ride leaves at 6.30. I was secretly hoping that I would get there and the group would have left, and I could claim the moral high ground that I had turned up but no one was there. Error 1. The lads were there getting ready to go. To make matters worse it was all the Whippets together!! The one group you wouldn't want to be with when they say "lets head out to Heswall and do some loops of the hills!" I managed to keep up for a couple of laps, but lost the group as it got dark, so decided to head home via West Kirby. Everything was going well, A good speed down Thurstaston Hill and I even felt good going up Column Road. Error 2. came as I reached 28mph going down Grange Road. The front tube decided to blow, and it was as I tried to brake I realised my rear pads were not being very effective. Must remember the basics, check the pads before you leave!!!! Error 3. Don't wait to learn how difficult it is to remove racing tyres from new wheels until you are at the side of the road, in the dark! I now have cuts and bruises from flying tyre leavers to prove it. It took half an hour to change the tube, which I discovered had a dodgy valve, Error 4. Check your spare tube regularly!!
Lessons learnt, I look forward to Saturdays Team ride!!

Tonight's ride details:

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