Sunday, 21 August 2011

Steve Cummings Sportive 2011

What a day! I left home at 6.30 to meet up with some of the team at the shop. we then rode out to Ness Gardens to sign on and get going. Things didn't quite go to plan! we got to Ness and the gates were locked and we couldn't get in! eventually the security guy opened the gates and after a little frantic sorting, people started off on the ride. We left in a big group at about 8.40. The route was great, and the weather kind. We only had one puncture all day, on the way out to Delamere, where there was a great feed stop with gels, bananas and water, and even a box of biscuits!! We then carried on round Cheshire and headed back to Wirral, with the help of another wasp sting, and the shop for the next stop. By the time we got to Vita Cycles, I was done in! But with some great encouragement from the guys, (especially Stan! cheers mate) we set off again. Then the rain started, all along Hoylake front, but strangely it gave me a bit of a second wind. My commitment was tested when we cycled down pump lane, 1/2 a mile from home, but I carried on to the finish. We were welcomed by more bananas, water and a BBQ. All that was left was the 8 mile ride home. Total miles, 106.26
It was a great day, well organised and attended. Bring on next year.

Here are the details,

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