Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Palefish at the Trough again!

House moving seems to be taking up all my spare time, so Blogging has taken a back seat!

A couple of weeks ago (20th July) we went on a rare Saturday club ride, out to Kelsall to the Greedy Pig Cafe.
We have been so lucky with the weather recently, even at 7am it was just under 20 degrees!

9 of us headed out from The Twelfth man towards Eastham and then the Boat Museum where we met up with 2 new additions to the club! First was Mark, who I have been talking to on twitter, and has just returned from the Tour, and second was Darren s new Steed!!!

Marks view as the Tour Arrives
We then took the scenic view along the Oil Sites road and on towards Helsby.
The first challenge of the day was Primrose lane, it isn't a mountain, or even a sever hill, but it does stretch the legs!
We then rode on through Manley to the infamous Yeld lane.
As you round the corner of this road, it seems like a wall of tarmac rises up above you! It is quite steep, but isn't very long so a quick effort soon sees you at the top!

The Picture doesn't really show the true aspect of approaching this bit of the road!
Thankfully it is only a couple of miles to the cafe and a well earned brew and a slice of cake!

As always, Raina gave us a warm welcome and it was great to catch up with her, and hear about her cycling adventures with Chester Road Club.

Palefish CC monopolising the outside seating at The Greedy Pig
We rode back to Chester then down by the Dee on to the Dee path, where we practised some Team Time Trial riding!!!

We continued on the Dee path to the new Burton Marsh path, and back to the Twelfth Man Via Heswall and Irby.

Palefish on the Marsh Path (again!)
 Sorry it a shorter blog than usual! It is difficult trying to write about something that happened two weeks ago!
(Note to self, Keep up to date with Blog entries!)

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