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LCL 2013 and a Warm Sunday spin

I am in the process of moving house, so time is precious! I have been out on the bike, but not had much time to write about it so this post covers last weekends Liverpool Chester Liverpool ride, and this weeks Sunday Club ride.

I had decided earlier in the year that I wasn't going to do the LCL again. I have done it many times, and we ride the on the roads the route covers almost weekly. However, this year, Dave decided to get his daughter hooked on cycling, and the LCL was to be her first half century ride. To support Sian and Dave, I decided to do a bit of the ride with them.

I set off when Mrs Palefish left to pick up her friend, I forgot to mention that Mrs P and Michelle were doing the LCL too! I did a loop of the top of the Wirral round to New Brighton, and then along the prom  and on to Birkenhead. It was promising to be a nice warm day!

I got to the arranged meeting point, just as the 100 mile riders started to stream out of the tunnel. 
Dave and Sian, unbeknown to be were doing the club proud at the start line for the 50 mile riders. Dave got interviewed and the pair of them managed to get pole position at the start line and get their photo taken with the Mayor!

Whilst I was waiting for the Father and Daughter team to arrive, it was good to see a number of other Fishes heading off on their rides, most on the 100 miles. 
It wasn't long before Dave and Sian appeared over the hill, and I jumped on to the ride with them.

As we rode up towards the Lever Causeway another group of Palefish Riders caught up with us, Phil Derek Steve and Giles were off on the 100, but stayed with us to pace Sian up the hill. 

Phil on his full suspension MTB doing the 100 mile route!

The lads left us at the top of the hill, and we met up with Mrs P and Michelle there, We rode together for a bit, and then Sian Dave and I rode on. We meandered our way through the lanes towards Chester, and Mrs P and Michelle got ahead of us as Dave and I needed to take a natural break! 
Michelle and Mrs P at the halfway point

Michelle and Mrs P were just leaving as we arrived , we stopped for a while so that Sian could have a rest, and have something to eat before we headed back towards the tunnel.

It was a busy ride this year, there were more riders than I can remembers ever seeing, which is good and bad! Good for cycling, but bad for sportives! Some of the riders had no respect for car drivers or the road conditions, riding on the wrong side of the road into blind bends, and swarming round cars at junctions and Traffic lights. It doesn't help the Car - Bike relationship much! Strangely there were some riders who showed little respect for other riders either. Like the Great Manchester cycle we did a couple of weeks ago there were people obviously trying to set a good time. This, although annoying on the closed road event, was dangerous on open roads, especially overtaking on the inside of people on corners, or even riding through the middle of us when we were riding in pairs! One of these inconsiderate riders managed to knock Sian off her bike, on a corner at the bottom of a big climb, and didn't even stop to offer help or an apology! In fact I even got the brunt of another ignorant rider who rather than see what the problem with Sian was, rode up to me to complain that two of my friends were blocking the road!!! 
Anyway, Sian got up, Dave dusted her down and she then rode up a 10% hill, that a lot of adult riders had to walk, even with blood running down her leg and obviously quite shocked. This girl has the determination of her Dad!!

Dave and Sian emerging from a 10% climb
After a quick stop to make sure Sian was ok, we set off again. I said to Dave that I was going to have to ride on now, as the kids were with Claire s Mum and I needed to get back to relieve her! So after a great 30 miles with Sian, I rode on, hoping to catch up with Mrs P before I headed Home. 
As luck would have it, I caught up with the miserable man who had moaned about Dave and Sian in the middle of the road. I took great pleasure in telling him that the 12 year old he had ridden past, who had been knocked off her bike, had got back on and was going to finish the ride, no thanks to him! He didn't quite know what to say, and looked a little ashamed. 
I put the hammer down and soon caught up with Mrs P and Michelle. The girls were doing well, but were suffering a little.

 They hadn't take much to eat, and were tiring fast. so when we reached Brimstage I rode on to the farm shop and bought them a couple of Mars Bars, which they were very pleased to receive. I felt like a proper domestique! 
When we got into the last few miles of the ride, I decided to head home, but not after I took one last photo of Mrs P and Michele, nearing the end of the Climb up into Oxton

Michelle and Mrs P climbing well on their MTB's

I left the Girls as they turned down towards Birkenhead, and I headed back via Moreton and the lanes.
It was a real pleasure to ride with Dave and Sian, and I felt proud of Sian achievement. She rode the whole way with a smile on her face, and even when the going got tough, and idiots got in the way, she carried on and dud deep to make it to the end. The future is bright for the Palefish CC Academy! Well done Sian.

A proud Dad with his Daughter.
During the week I received a nice surprise from France. Mrs P's sister and her husband had been in Cagnes sur Mer when a certain road race turned up! And as compensation for not being able to go they sent me a package with some Tour goodies in from the caravan!  Thanks Jill and Julian.

The good weather has been great and we have had a couple of good evening ides this week. We did a great loop, into Wales on Tuesday via the Burton Marsh path,

Dave was on form adopting the sprint position at every opportunity!

Thursday night's ride was one of the biggest we have had, and also the first evening club ride to have a spill in it! 

Can you tell that a new kit order has just arrived!
Unfortunately, a new rider with the group took a tumble in the group. He hit the road quite hard, and even though he wanted to carry on, I decided that he should call it a night and call for a lift home! Dave and I waited with him and the others went on to complete a non eventful ride! Dave and I managed to do a good loop back to the Twelfth man, actually doing more miles that the rest of the group!!

Today's ride was an afternoon one for a change. Mrs P went to a Car Boot sale this morning, to clear some of the "stuff" we didn't want to move! 

We left the 12th man at 1pm, and it was hot! Luckily there was a breeze which kept the temp down a little. 5 of us rode out to Wales via the now well used Burton Marsh path, and then headed up to Northop Hall and on to Hawarden before turning to cross the bridge at Saltney Ferry. The breeze we had been glad of to keep the heat down, worked against us along the Dee path as usual, but we were treated to the tidal bore moving along the river. 

I also managed to get some action shots of the lads on the path! They look a shadow of their former selves!! 

We stopped at Eureka for a cool down, instead of the warm up we usually require! It was strange as it was quiet at 3pm. It did get a little busier when The Liverpool Century guys came back from a climbing fest around the horseshoe pass and Worlds End!  

Richie headed straight back and the rest of us headed back to Capenhurst then on to Little Sutton where Darren left us. Owen Iain and I then worked our way back towards home, but the heat was now really getting to me. Instead of doing an extra loop round to West Kirby, I decided to head straight home, and enjoy the ride rather than suffer any more in the heat!! I must be too used to the rain and wind now that the heat gets to me!!

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