Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunny Sunday Spin (and birthday plans!)

I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be up to today's ride!A week of over indulgence (Half term holiday to Anglesey) rounded off with a busy day yesterday house hunting and not eating properly didn't bode well for the planned 50 mile spin to the Cafe.
One thing that was on my side was the big yellow disc in the sky! As I opened the garage door this morning, it was great to welcome the warming rays in to warm me up. By the time I had ridden the half mile to The Twelfth Man, the sun had hidden behind a cloud, and I was reconsidering the clothing choice of a short sleeve jersey with no arm warmers!

Where did that cloud come from, and I hope it soon goes!
12 of us headed out for a loop to The Eureka Cafe via the lanes to Eastham, through Stanlow and then back into the lanes to the back of Chester Zoo and then round to the Cafe, where we enjoyed some al fresco refreshment in the sun, as by now the clouds had cleared and the temperature was great. At the Cafe a few of the group split off to make the most of the weather and get some extra miles in. ( they did 106 miles in total!) I couldn't go with them, as I had family things to do and needed to get back by 11!!

Fishes enjoying the sun

It was nice to bump into Paul (I) at the Cafe. I haven't seen him for a while, and it was good to have a catch up. I also had a quick chat with Anne whilst we were there, and discussed the plans for the Palefish Anniversary ride.
Believe it or not, the club is nearly a year old! We are celebrating with a Tour de Wirral on the 23rd June. Starting at the 12th man at 9am with a stop at Eureka half way round the 60 mile loop. Check out the route HERE All are welcome to help celebrate the birthday, all I need to know is numbers, so if you can either let me know via the facebook group, or the new club website or by commenting here that would be great.
On the way home we bumped into some more Palefish CC members on their way out to enjoy the sun.
Lets hope it isn't the start and the end of summer this week and we have a few more great sunny rides this year!

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