Sunday, 17 March 2013

Shop Cafe Shop Park!

This week, my cycling has almost returned to something resembling normality. Tuesday night's ride was 20 miles, Thursday we did a couple of climbs, and 18 miles, and yesterday I managed 46 miles, not as fast as normal, and with a couple of stops, but it was a big step forward in my recovery and building my fitness back.

It wasn't a great start to the ride. The rain was falling, and it was cold. There was a good turn out, 7 of us rolling out of the 12th Man car park at 8.30. Within a mile, Dave L, who I haven't seen for ages, had to peel off due to a nose bleed. ( he is fine, and after cleaning up the blood went out on his own)

We zig zagged across Wirral to our first stop at Cheshire Oaks Cycles. The Team are having an open night on Wednesday night, with a talk on the importance of a good bike fit, and demo's of the new Garmin 510 and 810. I'm looking forward to it but Mrs Palefish isn't so keen. I may have to leave my credit card at home!

After a Quick chat, and a chance for me to catch my breath, we headed off round the back of Chester Zoo, disappointed not seeing any unusual wildlife, we rode on to Eureka.
We were now 30 miles in and I was starting to feel fatigued, so I had to have a piece of chocolate cake with my coffee, purely for fuel, honestly! 

I had originally planned to ride through Puddington etc to Heswall then West Kirby and round the coast and back to the 12th man, but as the weather was looking like getting wetter, we decided for a more direct route, via Williston, Irby and Greasby.

As we rode along, I suggested that I may pop into The Bike shop in Moreton, as Steve had sent me a text saying that some new Giro Gloves were in. Owen was keen to go too as his rear mech needed looking at, so once we got to Greasby, Mark headed back to the 12th, Salim headed home, and Me Paul and Owen descended on The Bike Shop. The gloves, that I had hoped would compliment the Palefish CC kit, were not quite the right colour, but I took advantage of being in the shop to check out a couple of possible choices for a new winter bike. 
I have had my Giant SCR for about 7 years, and it has served me well, but it is starting to show the signs of abuse and hard riding. I am hoping to buy another Giant winter bike, this time one of the Defy range. ( I just need to convince Mrs Palefish a new bike is needed!)

 To get a few more miles in, Owen and I decided to do a loop round Upton back to the 12th Man which made my total ride distance 46.76 miles.

Paul and his sons came round to see us yesterday, and we decided it was time for us to get the 4 boys out for a Palefish Pups spin.
The sun was shining as my two got ready this morning, excited to be going out for a ride with their mates. They were ready an hour before we had agreed to meet!

We rode up to Pauls, and then on to Arrowe Park. A safe environment for the kids to go mad in! The weather deteriorated as the ride went on, and as the boys were playing in the park, their version of a Cafe stop apparently, It began to rain hard, then Hail and finally sleet!

Park life

 We headed off home, and the cold and rain got worse. The Boys were not enjoying their ride, and Jude commented that he was "Suffering"!
When we got home, eventually, and the boys had warmed up with a shower, some toast, and a hot chocolate, Sam recommended that I check the weather forecast thoroughly before we venture out on our bikes again!
 It was little comfort to the boys when I showed them footage from the Milan Sanremo of the Pro's riding in the snow, and I told them that the race had been neutralised due to the weather.

Next week I hope to break the 100miles, it was close this week at 86, but I think once I do the ton in a week, I will feel that I am back on track.

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