Thursday, 7 June 2012

My first taste of Tarmac!

I haven't been posting about my midweek rides recently, as to be honest, although we do have a good laugh, it would get quite repetitive for you the readers!
Today I tweeted about the possibility of a wet and windy spin tonight, and understandably, I didn't have a rush of messages agreeing to join me! To be fair, a few of the lads are on Half Term breaks with their families or up to their ears in DIY!!!

I got home from work and seeing as there were no takers for the evening ride, and Mrs Palefish and the mini me's are away, I tweeted that I was going out anyway but earlier than the original plan. Shaun (Wirral Mamils) agreed to join me for a spin in the rain, as we always say, no bad weather just bad clothes!
There are major roadworks in the area so we decided to head out into the quieter lanes, which was great. We had a good social ride, chatting as we rode in the rain, about summer riding in Europe and the Tour starting in a few weeks.

The miles seemed to fly by and we were soon at the point where we split up. I headed back home and on the way decided that I would head out to The Bike Shop Moreton  where I had planned to start the evening ride to avoid the roadworks, to see if anyone turned up? This was a bad decision! I turned off of Mill lane and attempted to turn into Well lane when my first ever moving crash occurred. Like most roadies new to cleats I have toppled over at traffic lights, or even in the drive at home, but thankfully, I have not fallen whilst moving until today!
I would like to be able to say I was travelling at 25mph approaching the final corner of a race (thanks Shaun for the suggestion of an ending for the story) but I was only doing about 10mph and as I tried to turn into the junction, I lost traction on the back wheel and the rest is history. Thankfully the road was greasy and wet, which whilst causing the unfortunate incident and prolonged my time on the ground as I slid past the junction into the path of an oncoming car, it stopped me sticking to the tarmac and suffering from too much road rash!! I did consider taking photo's and posting them here, but that I think is a step too far even for a dedicated blogger!!!
More importantly, the bike is fine. Luckily I had taken the Giant (winter bike with mudguards and winter tyres) as I was  aware that it would be a bit slippy with all the rain we have had today.
As far as my first taste of tarmac goes, I think riding a motorbike for many years and learning how to fall off of one has helped, and I seem to have got away with minor cuts and bruises and the obligatory Road Rash on my hip, and I don't even have an excuse to buy new kit as It wasn't too badly damaged.
I didn't carry on to Moreton as planned, and apologise if anyone did turn up and I wasn't there!

I'm sure it won't be the last time I have close contact with the road, and I probably wont blog about it if I do, but I thought that I had to share the experience with you as my journey along the long, and as I found out today, Hard road of cycling continues.

Tonight's Ride details

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