Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Let Them Eat Cake Jubilee ride

Today I was proud to support my Friend Lou in riding the first Patisserie Cyclisme and Polocini Sportive, The "Let Them Eat Cake" Jubilee Ride.

The idea was to celebrate the Jubilee by riding a mile for each year of The Queen's reign, and also celebrate cake at the World Famous Eureka Cafe.

Myself and three Palefish Pals, Tim Jon and Dave ( it was also Dave and Jon's first Sportive) made our way to Nantwich for the Start at the Football Club. It seemed a bit wrong to be heading away from our half way destination ( Eureka is 10 miles from my house!)

Dave R, Jon, Dave C, Me, Tim

It never fails to surprise me how friendly cycling is. Dave R in the pic above parked next to us, and as you can see is another proud PC jersey owner. We got chatting and spent most of the ride out to Eureka as a group. Even more surprising was that Dave had to be back quickly as he was heading off to relatives in Ringwood, Hampshire, about 10 miles from where my Dad lives!! Small world. I even found out that Jon used to live in Salisbury! 

There looked to be a great turnout for Lou's first Sportive. The car park was full and the Q to sign in was long, but moved quickly. There to welcome us with a big smile were Lou and her Husband, who gave us our personalised numbers and a ticket for cake and Coffee at Eureka. The ticket was treated as if it was made of gold until it was well stashed with my cash in my pocket!!

After a Coffee we got the bikes and ourselves ready for the Grand Depart. It was quite a scene as we all waited for the off.

Once we were off it wasn't long until we were in the leafy winding Cheshire lanes. The only mishaps I had today were both in the first 5 miles! First of all, as I reached into my pocket to get my camera out to take the following pictures, I managed to loose one of my NEW cleat covers that I have only worn once, today in the car park before we left! At least they were not too expensive, and it wasn't my phone or money that jumped out of my pocket!!

Patisserie Cyclisme Sportive as far as the eye can see!
 Just after I had taken these Photo's, one handed on bumpy roads my second mishap occurred. It was a bit of a sill one that nearly had me off the bike and end my ride. To relive the pockets on my jersey, I have fitted my saddle bag back on the bike, and because there was Rain forecast for today I decided to use my Lezyne  Caddy Sac for my Phone and Camera. This meant I needed somewhere else to store my second spare tube, which I cunningly wedged between the saddle and the saddle bag! Big mistake. The tube fell from its non secure position into the rear cassette, almost locking the rear wheel!!! I was lucky, and paid the price by getting oily fingers early on in the ride!!!

Dave on his new Cervelo S5 and Jon on his new Onix

The route took us up to Delamere and then across to Chester via Mickle Trafford and round the back of Chester Zoo.
There was a wide range of bikes and riders today, but my winner of best team of the day went to the Forbes family, including the dog!!!

It was strange riding round the lanes we ride all the time, but with a different group of people. And even stranger turning into Eureka with a large group. 
We made good time on the first half of the ride with an Average of 18.5mph for the first 35 miles.

There to welcome us to Eureka there was a huge table filled with fantastic cake loveliness! 

The team, under the controlling eye of Anne, managed to serve a lot of thirsty and hungry riders, and a special mention must be made for the regulars of the cafe who took the extra long Q for coffee in good spirits.

While we were there I managed to have a Chat with Ken from Bioracer, who I have contacted about the possibility of a future project for Palefish, More to be revealed soon!!!

Mr and Mrs McCake (James and Lou) and Ken

 Q out of the door at Eureka

Never seen Bikes out on the Railings before!!
 After a chat with Sean and Ade (Wirral Mamils) and Phil from Cheshire Oaks Cycles, we headed off on our return journey. It was as we turned back towards Backford that we realised that we were in for a different ride back to Nantwich! We were hit by a 13mph headwind. Not the worst I have ridden in to but as sapping as climbing a hill constantly! I started to struggle with a bit of cramp in my thigh too. As I rode with Tim we were discussing why for two weeks in a row I had developed cramp after about 40 miles. The only thing we could think of is that over the winter we have been riding fast but short 25 mile rides, or hill sessions, but we haven't been out regularly for steady long rides. That has to change!! Time to plan some long Sunday rides for the lads!!

As we approached Beeston I began to become concerned that Alan, (Mr Polocini) had saved a sting in the tail for us in what up to now had been a fantastic, manageable route, by taking us up the hill and round the Castle. But luckily, as we arrived at the junction the yellow direction arrow was pointing right and not left, up the hill. Thanks Alan!!

Beeston Castle
 The run in to Nantwich from here was rolling lanes and now the cramp had passed it was at a more comfortable pace. There was a real jubilee feel as we passed through Villages that were covered in fluttering bunting and flags with parties set up in gardens and pub car parks.

When we got back to the Football Club in Nantwich we were treated to a great fill of Spanish Pork and rice, Coffee and Cake. There were some prizes up for grabs in a raffle and Jon won a bottle of English Whiskey

As I mentioned it was Jon and Dave's first Sportive, and It was also Jon's first big ride on his new Onix Azzuro. You can tell from the smile on his face it all went well!!!

 All that remains it to say a huge well done to Louise on what was a fantastic day, she should be proud that over 200 people came out to ride the Jubilee ride, and to Alan for a fantastic route, well signed on nice lanes.
The blog today was brought to you whilst sipping coffee from my new mug!!

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