Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Phenomenom of "The Ten Minutes of Hell"

Phil and Barry (Vita Cycles) must be really happy with the response and media coverage the Ten Minutes of Hell is receiving from some big hitting cycling media sites and competitors from the event.
Today people have been posting links to sites and forums where there was nothing but praise for the event so I thought that I would put some of the links on here.

Also here are some links to Photo Albums of the Day,

Here is a video from inside hell,

And here is my Album, which I will update with more photo's as they become available.

To top off a great weekend, I received a message from a friend who works at the Liverpool Echo, asking me if I would like to write a report for the paper on the event. 
I am very proud to have been able to do this, and apparently got a "good Job" from the Sports Editor!
It certainly is amazing how cycling and this Blog have affected my life. And a big thanks to James for the opportunity.

Here is the Piece I wrote for the Liverpool Echo, Sorry the text isn't too clear, but if you want to read the report, please check out this link: Liverpool Echo

I  have also been given the Photo's the Echo photographer took on the day.
Pictures are Courtesy of Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo

It was nice to see Vita riders, Carla and Dave's photos used in the Paper.

Tonight I was back out on the bike, with 6 other lads from the Club, training for the next TT, wether that will be this season or next years Ten Minutes of hell, I don't know!

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