Monday, 14 March 2016

Bikes, Boards, BMX and Boats

It was the first warmish day of the year, and all my chores were done, so we decided to go for a skate at New Brighton. My planning wasn't that good though, as it was the Wirral Egg Run, and there were Thousands of motorbikes and people watching. Luckily it didn't hold us up too much.

We enjoyed a stop off at Starbucks (the kids new favourite cafe) and then we went to do a timelapse at Seacombe ferry. Timings were on my side as a massive ship sailed past us while the camera was rolling.

A quick stop off at Tesco on the way home, with a bit of fun on the travelators thrown in, and then into the garden for some Nerf action!

We are off on our first adventure in the van next week, so hopefully the weather will be just as nice!!

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