Monday, 10 February 2014

Wild Wales Challenge Training at JGF Fitness

As mentioned in previous Blog posts the majority of the club has signed up to ride the Merseyside CTC Wild Wales Challenge in August. For a few of us, we need more than just riding miles in our legs to help us complete the 97 miles and 11,000 ft of climbing!! 
Jon Fairhurst, an original Vita and Palefish member, set up JGF Fitness in Moreton just over a year ago and has agreed to do a circuit training session for us on a Wednesday night. 
For most of us this is our first foray into the world of Gym's and circuit training. I was very surprised at how tough doing short bursts of high intensity activity is, and how much it hurts. Luckily Jon is very good at motivating us to try a little harder, whilst ensuring we are doing things correctly and not injuring ourselves in our quest for physical perfection!!! Sometimes the warm down stretches hurt just as much as the exercises! 
We are 4 weeks in and I think we are all showing signs of improvement both on the bike and in the circuit session. As with all exercise, it doesn't get any easier, we just get faster!! 
Jon took some photo's of our last session, and I hope they show the effort we are putting in to succeed in our challenge!!! 

For more information on the sessions that Jon delivers please have a look at his website 

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  1. Training for the Wild Wales? Sounds very wise! Bwlch y Groes again this year - nearly finished me off in 2012.
    Good luck, and maybe see you there.