Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Cafe spin with a proud Dad

Today was another milestone in the Palefish CC journey. Badders daughter Sian joined us for a spin out to the Eureka Cafe.
I was a little concerned that there may be some ice about this morning, as the forecasts were saying the temperature on Friday night may have dropped to as low as -6 degrees in places! As usual though, the forecasters were wrong, and Wirral wasn't covered in frost and Ice this morning.
This week has been a strange weather week. Tuesday night was cold, 1 degree, and Thursday night was the foggiest ride I have ever done. Today however, even though the temperature wasn't tropical, it was sunny with no wind! I do have to add though that I have now got my winter Palefish CC kit, Jacket and Bib Tights that are lined and toasty! I know I am biased, but the Bio Racer kit is absolutely fantastic. The Winter jacket has a thin lining, that if you pick up the jacket, you would think it couldn't keep you very warm, but it does, and more importantly, it doesn't make me overheat! I am looking forward to some more cold rides now!

Any way, back to today's ride. Dave and Sian came round to mine on the way to the 12th Man, where we met up with Derek, Giles, Nick, Paul, Dave L, Owen and Steve.
After introducing everyone to our youngest rider, we set off for the cycling Mecca of Eureka Cafe. Dave and I had discussed routes previously, and we had agreed to ride up to Eureka, independently to give Sian a chance to get some miles in her legs, before she starts to beat us on the sprints and climbs! Paul and I led the main group up through Greasby and Irby, down into Lower Heswall, then through Neston which was were we discovered that Steve and Giles weren't  with us. My instant thought was that they had punctured or even worse, crashed! As you probably know, I hate it when someone falls off the group or gets dropped at a junction! But after a quick discussion we realised that they hadn't been with us since we left the 12th Man! We rode on through Puddington to the Cafe, where Tim and Nipper were waiting for us. It wasn't long before we saw Giles and Steve ride into the Cafe yard, closely followed by Dave and Sian. The lads had elected to stay with Dad and Daughter to keep them company and help them along the high road, true Palefish spirit, thanks lads.

While we were there Pete and his friend arrived, which made the Palefish crew total 14! even when we don't all ride together, we always fill the Cafe!!!

A Proud Dad with his Daughter

The rest of the crew with Dave L holding court!


After we had all warmed up and fuelled up (cake and Coffee) we set off home. This time myself and Derek rode with Sian and Dave, and the rest of the lads rode back together, the way we had come. 
I think I may have been almost as proud as Dave to see Sian riding along the lanes. When I started the club, I wanted it to be an inclusive friendly accessible club for everyone, and we have often talked about what will happen if juniors want to join. Well, that day has come, and I hope there will be many more rides with Palefish junior riders! ( I now want my boys to grow up quickly!)  

Dave and Sian on the way home!
One thing I didn't think of as a benefit to having Junior riders joining us was their ability to act as a pack horse! When we were at the Cafe, I noticed that Sian was carrying Dave's money, and also their food and gel's. I wouldn't be surprised if Sian also had the spare inner tubes and pump in her pockets too! Shame on you Dave!!

Finally, even though I said we filled the Cafe, today, as with most weekends, the Birkenhead North End club dominate Eureka! They have been going a lot longer then our club, since January 1901, but maybe one day, the Cafe will be a sea of green instead of red?

The North End and a sea of red.

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  1. Must of just missed you Chris. Had a chat with Nipper, Tim et al