Sunday, 7 October 2012

Saturday Spinners - Llandegla loop

As Chris mentioned in his blog earlier, the club is now getting to a size that allows a both a Saturday and Sunday ride option if demand dictates.  There were a few of us that couldn't do the Sunday spin for one reason and another, so we all tagged on to Phil’s plans for a loop with his pal Steve up to Llandegla Mountain Bike Centre (thanks Phil!).  Since we are a big enough group to warrant two group rides in a weekend, I figured that a separate blog to document the alternative ride might be in order.

Since Phil likes his lie-ins we decided to meet up at the Glegg Arms are 9.00 am and as I set off, the weather looked promising with a nice sunny, but chilly, start.  After my 20 minute warm up getting from home to the Glegg, I met Tim who was already waiting and soon after Mal and then Phil and Steve and Paul (Ilkin).  Nipper was  a bit later as he had just finished a 10 hour night shift (good effort for coming straight out on a ride – but we all know that Firemen spend their night shifts asleep most of the time anyway :0).  As we waited it was good to chat to Dan Williams, a member of the former Vita Race team, who was off up to Wales himself with a couple of the other former Vita riders.

Once Nipper got his stuff sorted we were off down the Chester high road, past the Eureka and across the Cycle way into Deeside, over the Dee Bridge and up to Hawarden.  On the way, down to the A550 crossing we were joined by a lone rider, Vince who was out for a spin and asked if he could tag along. 

On the way up to Hawarden, Tim had a bit of a ‘chain off’ moment that allowed us all to catch our breath after the first of the day’s inclines.

So, on again, through the lanes to ‘Sun Spot’ and up the long drag of the climb to Llandegla Moors.  Tim and Paul lead the group up the climb and me and Mal just wound out a low gear.  When we reconvened toward the top, Tim mentioned that they had been informed by another rider they had come across, that the Llandegla road was shut for road works and that we should think of another route.  However, not being easily deterred, we thought that surely the road wouldn't be completely impassable and that we would surely squeeze through the cones.  However, we were to discover that the road is actually completely blocked and shouldn't be accessed at all – don’t try – we shouldn't have and we are very sorry - it won’t happen again!  Under no circumstances does the club endorse this type of irresponsible behaviour!

So, after guilty completion of the obstacle course round the various fences, we made our way up to the Llandegla Café where we all re-charged our batteries with beverages, cake and other sustenance.  We couldn't believe how warm it was and we all sat outside soaking up the rare autumn rays and enjoying a good laugh at Nipper’s lewd firemen’s humour!

24 degrees Celsius!

After a good break it was on again and right out of the café and through some delightful winding downhill lanes, (courtesy, I am told, of Mr Dave ’Dodgy’ Dee’s explorations) which delivered us out onto the Steps where we descended apace via the Lanes to Kinnerton and then back to Queensferry via the Dee path.  The wind was against us on the way home and we started to run out of time for the desired second stop at ‘The Mills’ and decided to push on home to resume the usual domestic routine.

So, another good ride done on what was a beautiful day.  It is great to be able to make the most of a good day like that and push into Wales for some more challenging terrain and enjoy the company of like minded individuals.  Great ride chaps – see you out in the week or on the next big ride.  Cheers.

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