Sunday, 23 September 2012

When did a Cafe and back ride become a 50 mile spin?

Summer has definitely gone. Not that it was ever really here! Knee warmers, Arm warmers and even the winter jacket have had outings this week! What is good though is that there are still a high number of riders out in the cold wet windy dark night rides.

Mrs Palefish was working all weekend, so I had to rely on my fantastic in laws to look after the boys this morning. I promised to be back before lunch, which meant a 7am start for the club ride today.
There was a definite nip in the air this morning, in hindsight I should have worn some overshoes too, but I was only planning a quick Cafe and Back spin so didn't think it was necessary.

I was joined at the 12th Man by 11 other mad riders in the 4 degree chill. We rode up to Irby, then on to Thornton and Raby where we met up with Tim. We had an hour to waste until Eureka opened, so we rode through the lanes, including the Missing Link, or "Sh1t alley" as it is locally known, and on to Little Sutton, then back to the Cycle Path and never Ending Lane reaching Eureka just on 8.30. Anne questioned our mental state for being up so early, and was a little worried as she hadn't expected to have 13 people turn up at opening time, and had given her staff a lie in till 9o'clock! She coped fantastically and we were all warming up with steaming cups of coffee and the best pick of Cake in no time at all!

Palefish CC first at the bar!

Any excuse for an Instagram Photo!

We left Eureka as it started to fill up and headed back through Puddington, Burton and Ness, including Denhall lane climb, just for fun! After a dip down to Park Gate and the climb back out up Boathouse, we headed into Lower Heswall and decided it would be a good idea to go up School Hill, a jolly little bump that climbs up out of Lower Heswall!
From this point we started to shed riders peeling off as we rode near to their homes, and after a fast run from Heswall to Caldy and then a ride into the wind along the front at Hoylake 6 of us arrived back at the 12th Man, as planned at 11o'clock. It is a good measure of haw far we have come as a group of riders. When we first started, 25 miles was the cafe and back distance. Today we did more miles after the Cafe stop than before and the whole ride totalled 50 miles!

I popped in to the 12th Man to let them know that the noisy bikers who disrupt their car park three times a week were actually going to spend some money in their premises on Tuesday night, for the 2nd club social. They have kindly agreed to reserve a quiet corner for us to be rowdy in! If you are around the Greasby Area on Tuesday night why not pop in and join us?

It looks like next week will be a quiet week in the saddle for me. Social on Tuesday, Going to Newquay and back on Thursday, so I don't think I will make the Club ride, and the Cycle Show on Sunday in Birmingham! I wonder what goodies will be on display this year? Photo's and thoughts in the next update.

I have been messing about with a free web builder this week, as I think eventually the club will need a site, rather than the FaceBook group page. Have a look and feel free to comment, and offer advice. (it needs Flash player so don't look at it on your Phone or iPad)
You will have also noticed the new Blog format. I really liked the old one, but it somehow became corrupted and didn't layout correctly any more. Again, any comments or ideas please let me know.

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