Sunday, 26 August 2012

A windy loop with a stop at Eureka

The Tuesday and Thursday rides are still growing. This week we have had another 3 new members, and on Tuesday we had 15 out!! We also had to start using lights earlier this week. 8.30 lighting up time!!

After the last couple of weeks forays into pastures new, this weekend, as a lot of the lads wanted to get back early, we decided to do a local loop of the Wirral with a stop at Eureka Cafe.
As usual we arranged to meet at the 12th Man in Greasby then head off to Birkenhead to meet Ken, who rides over from Liverpool, and a couple of the others.
9 0f us left the 12th just after 7 and headed over to Birkenhead. The weather forecast wasn't great so I took my new Sportful Hot Pack, purchased for the Loch to Loch next weekend, as I think I may need it in Scotland!! Luckily I didn't need it as we managed to miss any rain all morning so I suppose it will get its first test in the Scottish hills! .

We met up with Ken at the Woodside ferry terminal, and after a 10 minute wait for Scott and Mark, we decided to head off towards the Seacombe ferry terminal, where Pete was waiting, and hopefully the others were too. Along the way we met up with Nick and Mike. We were very surprised to see Mark and Scott waiting at the entrance to the Main Birkenhead Ferry terminal! I suppose this is a lesson to me to actually name the Terminal we are meeting at!!! We did laugh though.
We picked up Pete at Seacombe and the group was complete. another great turn out. 

We rode along the path beside the river to New Brighton and as we turned round the end of the peninsular to head west we rode into a nasty energy sapping headwind. The first section of road split the group as we all struggled to ride into the gusty wind, we regrouped and set off again in pairs, taking turns at the front of the group which helped get us all to the end of the stretch of exposed road into Wallasey and then onto Leasowe road and a little shelter. We picked up a lone rider along here and he stayed with us to West Kirby. It turned out he knows Dave B and will probably come out with us in the future! 
We continued to work together all the way into West Kirby until we reached the Marine lake where the first sprint of the day took place! 

We then rode through Caldy, up over Thurstaston and through lower Heswall and down to Parkgate.
We were sheltered from the wind, now and the going was getting decidedly easier! 

Palefish CC as far as the eye can see!
We followed the usual route to Eureka via Neston, Burton and Puddington. We arrived at the wrong time today. All the local clubs were there or just arriving, and seats were at a premium, as was the cake!! Graham and I discussed the last piece of Chocolate cake left, and seeing as he is a growing lad I let him have it!

We didn't stay long today, and were soon back out, into the headwind along the Chester High Road! We turned off through Willaston, then through the lanes to the Lever Causeway. Along the way the numbers reduced as lads got off for their afternoon domestic duties!
We left Ken in Birkenhead, and the final 6 of us headed back to Greasby and the 12th Man.

As I am doing the Loch to Loch next week, (thanks to everyone who has sponsored so far, but there is still time if you haven't yet! I will be leaving the Club ride organisation to the lads, but there is the option of the Manchester 100 for them. And the following week I will be back in Scotland so no club ride for me again! That week though Eureka are doing their Anniversary ride. Check out their BLOG for details and an application form

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